The Wolfhead is the first wearable artifact in the Dimensions collection. Wolves work in packs, care for their elders, and exemplify mankind’s complex relationship with predators. Each wolfhead is unique, in bleeding patterns that intentionally emerge from its eyes.

This item is part of a series exploring the dynamic interplay possible between imagination, 2D illustration, digital design, and the revolution in additive manufacturing. It is a limited-edition collectible, and represents the first-generation of artifacts of Dubious Luxury. 

This original design was modeled in 3D and fabricated using a proprietary resin manufacturing process. All pieces are made by the artist ’s studio, inspected for defects, and post-processed by hand. This technical process allows an unprecedented level of detail. Figurines and Wearables ship in a collectible-grade jar with lid for safe storage. The miniatures are durable, and packaged to avoid any damage in shipping.