Luxury: an “extravagant way of living”. 

Dubious: “of questionable value”


On the one hand, artwork is priceless, the very soul of its creator. Fortunately, it’s is also something you can purchase and own. It is a privilege to be creative and an honor to share my work with you. 


I hope what you find here resonates and captivates your imagination.


artist Kuba dublux

This site contains signed prints, sculptures, and original work by Phoenix-based artist “Kuba Dublux”. 


My visual art is an ongoing exploration of the increasingly blurred boundary between real and virtual, utilizing complex line-work via the ancient medium of India ink as well as cutting-edge 3D modeling & fabrication techniques.

When I moved to Phoenix in 2014 I resumed the practice of
painting “for the people”. First Fridays downtown are magic, compressed, vibrant, and curious.